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Profile of Didik Umat
Established on November 5, 2001, and approved by the Indonesian Ministry of Religion as a national amil zakat institution through Decree of the Minister of Religion No. 406 of 2002 on September 17, 2002. LAZNAS BSM Umat was present with the aim of optimizing the potential to raise funds for ZISWAF (Zakat, Infaq, Shodaqoh and Waqf) and other social funds with the target of individual and corporate muzakki (donors).


Vision & Missions 

Vision: Become a management institution for ZISWAF (Zakat, Infaq, Shodaqoh and Wakaf) and trustworthy, leading and modern social funds and CSR funds.


1. Carrying out zakat infaq shodaqoh and waqf of the ummah as well as social funds to CSR funds.

2. Grow a culture of sharing and caring for all levels of society.

3. Make programs that encourage the transformation of beneficiaries into muzakki.

4. Develop sustainable programs and provide maximum benefits to the wider community.

5. Realizing the management of ZIS management and Social funds as well as CSR funds that are good and in accordance with sharia rules